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  intake_manifold_porting_dr_js_performance_fps5The intake Manifold is one of the last pieces of hardware that most people look at  when it comes making more horsepower. But in todays world of high flowing CNC cylinder heads the intake is one of the areas that needs to be seriously looked at when it comes to maximizing the performance of your engines combination. At  Dr. J’s Performance every intake manifold is ported using the best technology available and is flow tested before and after. If  your interested in taking your intake manifold to the next level please feel free to give  us a call or send us an e-mail


flow_testingManifold Flow Testing

Every Intake Manifold ported at Dr J's Performance Is flow test before and after using the latest technologies available today.







Intake Manifold Porting Costs

Includes the followingsuper_victor_4500_big_block_chevy_tall_deck_ported

  • Before and after flow testing
  • Milled and radius entry plenum
  • Change tapper and resize runners 
  • balance flow from  runner to runner
  • Gasket matching
  • Complete Polishing

Single Planes Manifolds Start at $ 595.00
Dual Plane Manifolds Start at $ 625.00

Example Manifold Porting Costs


  • Edelbrock Victor Jr. SBC  2970                                     $ 595.00
  • Edelbrock Super Victor Ford 351 Small Block                  $ 525.00


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