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Robert Hall


After making the change from AFR 227cc competition package heads. To Your 245cc AIRWOLF heads I have seen a gain of 2.3 tenths and almost 3 mph faster in the 1/4. Going thru the traps at only 7300 rpm.

After the season is over I will be changing the gears and the convertor (17% slippage) .

Robert Hall


Gordan Saiki's 1966 Corvette

Best pass 9.65@ 139.50 mph (on 275 M/T's) with a 1.37 60' foot braking

Engine Specs
4.560 bore x 4.125 stroke
13.5 to 1 compression
Dr j's Ported canfield 335cc runner heads flow 405 @ .800
soild roller cam 280/300 @.050 .850 lift
Dr j's Ported GM dual plane intake
Dr J's 1000 cfm 4150


Pat McNeil's 1969 Chevelle

Check out Pat's awesome 1969 Chevelle in Chevy High Performance Magazine, Pat's engine made 597 HP with the Dr J's Performance AIR PACK. Click on image to read more.. 






Andre "NJ Slick" Thomas used his Dr J's Performance ported Pontiac Victor intake manifold  to knock  1 tenth off his 1/4 mile time.  

 "I did see quite an improvement in my intake after these mods were performed! , all though it is not the most common way to do it, it simply worked for me and my combination and I do feel it was money well spent on my Lil D-Port motor." -NJ Slick

Mike Morgan and his new 615 hp
410 small block with Dr J's Performance
Ported heads and Intake has run a best of 6.62 at 101.2 mph in the 1/8 mile on pump gas!!
Dave Winters 1976 Corvette with Dr J's Performance EFIdavewinters1 Motown  
FAST XFI(55 lb inj, 1,375 cfm TB, Dr. J's Ported
Motown,dual sync distr), AFR 210 Elim, 427 Dart sb, solid roller, Mahle pistons, Scat 4340 crank and rods. Hooker sidepipes,STS baffles,TKO 5 sp, offset trailing arms, cryo spindles, 390 lb VBP, 5point,ds loop,Dragvette 6-link,flanged Stubshafts 

Ricardo Cuellar with Dr J's Ported Ray Barton Hemi Intake




 The Tummy Gummer uses the power of Dr.J's Performance "Air PACK" on it's 310 ci Dart Buick headed SBC  to power its way to the front.    







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