Cylinder Head Porting


Cylinder Head Porting

porting1_8c54At Dr J’s Performance finding the most available HP out of your cylinder heads is our main goal.  Each cylinder head is ported and sizes for each specific application.  We take the time to develop and test the ports on each individual head, taking into consideration all the critical areas of the port design. While CFM is important it’s not the final word when it comes to making HP, cross sectional area, bowl size, throat size, valve size, overall shape and average velocity play a major roll. And the result of properly managed air speeds is a good flowing port.


vloicty_probeManaging Air Speeds

The  Velocity Probe is used on all of the heads we port.  The advantage in using the Velocity probe is that is give us the ability to measure the air speeds throughout  the port.


Flow Testing

Every head is flow tested on our Superflow 600. 


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