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Dr J's Performance Team's Up With The WCHRA

Dr J's Performance is proud to announce it's new contingency partnership with the West Coast Hot Rod Association. Dr J's Performance will be awarding cash payouts to the winners and runners up in all classes, for racers using Dr J's performance products. The winners of each class will be awarded $50.00 per item used and the runners up will be awarded $25.00 per item used. Racers using Dr J' Performance ported cylinder heads, ported intake manifold, and custom carburetor will be able to take home $150.00 for a win in their race class. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Bryce Mulvey by email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 714-808-9780



Tim Rigby

 Run's a 5.09 @ 139.49. Powered Dr J's Performance built 418 sbc with AIRWOLF 265 heads. Way to go Tim and crew!!!






Artis Houston

I want to give some props to Artis Houston and Crew for  there  win at WCHRA MID-SUMMER NATIONALS. with a record setting pass.
1.250 60 ft, 3.275 330 ft and 4.923 @ 150.00 MPH for the win




Motivational Engineering Wins The Street Car Super Nationals 

Mike Saiki and the crew did it again by winning the Limited Street class at the 2009 Street Car Super Nationals. Mike was able to hold off the competition with a new personal best  ET  of 8.48 @ 164.55 mph. My hats off to these guys for all there hard work. I can't wait to see what they do next year!!!!



  Motivational Engineering

Motivational's  1968 SS Camaro running stock suspension with 28x10.5 slicks. It weighs 3520 lbs. This class requires a 4150 based carb and intake set up so we turned to Bryce of Dr. J's Performance to discuss our needs.  Bryce was able to take care of our needs and provide the porting of our  Brodix BB4 heads,  Brodix 4150 style intake and build us a Holley 4150 based HP carb. The motor is only 525 cubic inches and made 870 horsepower on a conservative dyno.  There is a single stage plate nitrous system by Steve Johnson of Induction Soultions and a Mike's mike_siaki_carbtransmissions powerglide and 10 inch Continential converter. It has a Ford 9 inch with 3.73 gears.
    Going into the final race of the season in the WCHRA (West Coast Hot Rod) Limited 10.5 class I was behind 56 points. This meant that I needed the current points leader to lose in the semi finals and I needed to set the ET record, MPH record and win the event. A lot to accomplish but I wanted the championship real bad.  The current records were 8.67 and 160.7MPH.  The first tune up went 8.87 @ 161.8MPH ! Happy with the way things looked I played with timing and at the end of qualifying I had set the new MPH record of 164.32MPH in the 104 degree heat also. For Eliminations we decided it was best to soften the car up and delay the hit of the nitrous by .2 to go for the ET record. 1st round we ran a 8.68 @ 163.3MPH. 2nd round we ran an incredible 8.55 @ 163.93 MPH ! We now had a window of 8.46 - 8.66 to back up the record. I had a bye in the semi finals and the current points leader lost in his semi finals. The car I had to race just reset the ET record to 8.66 which meant I now had to go better than 8.66 and win the finals to get the championship. When we left the line I spun a little and he was out on me by 1 1/2 cars at half track but, I had the field covered by 6MPH. Using this I was able to run him down and win with a margin of victory of only .012. I ran a 8.65 @ 163.54MPH which was good enough to set the ET record and win the 2009 WCHRA Limited 10.5 championship.
    It has been an exciting season and we are glad to have been able to work with Bryce of Dr. J's Performance to get the performance we needed at the time we needed it the most. Thanks for all of the help and track support.
Mike Saiki

2001 PSCA Limited Street Champion

2002 PSCA Limited Street Champion

2003 PSCA Limited Street Champion

2005 PSCA Limited Street Champion

2006 PSCA Limited Street Champion

2007 WCHRA Modified Production Champion

2009 WCHRA Limited 10.5 Champion

 Cohn Jucewic Monza

Sets a new B/Classic Production Record at speed weeks 2008. Old record 225, and reset it at 228.1 and a fast one way speed of 230.1 which makes it the fastest stock bodied monza ever too run at the salt.

1979 Stock Bodied Monza
Engine 430 SBC 15 Degree single dominator Bob Jucewic built.
Rear End Stock 7.5 Ring and Pinion 2.56 Gear 

First Coupe to run 200 MPH with a normally aspirated 300 ci SBC on gas at El Mirage in 2007.
Our fastest record at El Mirage is 205.844 and that was with a 370 ci SBC in 2008.
This car currently holds 11 land speed records between Bonneville salt flats and El Mirage.

Notes- 430CI SBC with 1 bob book 1150 dominator edelbrock manifold 2 piece picked up 18 torque and 22 hp after DR.JS. PERFORMANCE PORTED IT..


Robert Cohn, Ronny Cohn , and Long time partner Bob Jucewic



Congratulations to Garland Privet and the P111 Team

Using there new found power from the Dr. J's Air Pack they took home the overall win at the 2008 Long Beach Sprint Nationals