Dr J's Performance 600+ HP SBC HYD roller top end package

Includes the following

  • AIRWOLF 220e CNC ported heads
  • Competition ported Hurricane intake
  • Custom Isky HYD Roller Cam
  • Isky HYD roller lifters
  • Manley Pushrods

See the 600+ hp top end in action at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtB_wBHUYhw

On Sale for $2995.00

Dr J's Performance ECONO-WOLF CNC Ported 220cc small-block Chevy heads were developed in house at Dr. J's Performance for the budget minded racer.  With a 2.54 csa at the push rod pinch and a optimized velocity profile these heads were designed to work on a 383- 427 cubic inch sbc.. These heads come with a 5 angle competition anti-reversion valve job with a fully radius exhaust seat. HYD roller springs good for .650 lift.(solid springs available as an upgrade)

Technical Details 

Pro Comp Casting  
Material: A356  Aluminum
Valve Angle: 23 Degr_ee (Intake)
Bore Spacing: Standard SBC
Intake Port Volume: 220cc
Combustion Chamber: 64cc Exhaust
Valve Diameter: 1.600
Intake Valve Diameter: 2.080
Spark Plugs: Angled .750 Reach, Gasketed
Valve Guides: Bronze Alloy
Spring Pocket: 1.625 OD Maximum
Valve Seats: Ductile Steel
Intake Gaskets: Use Fel-Pro 1206